Hey, I'm Matt!

I'm a Senior XR Engineer at Ultraleap.

I have a strong background in programming for games, the web, and Windows apps. I'm familiar with Unity and Unreal, and have a wide range of experience in and out of the XR space.

I graduated from UWE Bristol in 2020 having studied Games Technology BSc(Hons), achieving First Class Honours. I received The Dean's Award for Academic Excellence from 2017-19.

Professional Projects



The Ultraleap Launcher was a project I led from its initial prototypes as an application launcher for the Lynx HMD, through to its final releases as our own showcase for the best practices when performing XR UI interaction.

The project went through many iterations internally before we landed on its final revision - that being the results of hundreds of refinements from various rounds of user testing conducted by our experience design team.

When it eventually launched alongside Gemini (V5 hand tracking) it was the showcase demo for all marketing material and was sent out to a series of influencers. Since then, the project has been taken to a wide range of trade shows including; GDC, AWE, CES, IAAPA (among others), where it has received high praise from companies such as Qualcomm and Pico.

Check out my LinkedIn to see some more photos of it in action!

Press Release Laval Virtual Demo Download


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i-Patch Pirates was my first shipped title at PlayWest, a games studio operated by UWE Bristol. The game was funded by UWE IT Services and aimed to promote cyber security to students and staff across both UWE campuses. I joined the project around two months before the ship date and helped push it through multiple major milestones and presentations.

My responsibilities for the project were to implement several key new systems such as achievements, tutorials, anti-cheat, and an arcade login. I also worked across the project fixing miscellaneous bugs as they arose, tidying older systems for modular use, and updating the older UI to use animators. As well as this I created the promotional trailer and splash for our WebGL build.

I was also in charge of creating a locker hacking minigame which had players guess part of a player's login code in order to break into that player's locker and steal their gold or buried treasure location. If a buried treasure location was found, it would be marked on the world map and players could explore to find it. Upon finding the treasure location the player had a chance to dig it up by playing a gem matching minigame. The aim of the locker hacking was to encourage players to pick stronger passwords and change them regularly.

Pirates shipped openly to 30k staff and students at UWE Bristol for their Cyber Security Week - available on Android, WebGL, and arcade machines on campus.

Following shipping to UWE, we secured a deal with Bristol Airport, and I was a part of the presentations to trial Pirates within the airport's offices. This trial led to securing funding for a Pirates redesign, focussing on security issues at the airport, for use in staff training, to be launched as a new title. This was also later followed up by multiple other locations, such as Gatwick.

Unfortunately due to the Coronavirus pandemic, these projects are currently on hold.

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Don't Walk By is a hazard management game utilising Lemmings style AI behaviours. Players direct "peeps" around a level utilising various abilities available to them, with the aim of avoiding hazards in the environment.

For the project I developed a bespoke suite of internal content management tools using WinForms, as well as the game's level population system and a user-facing level editor inside of the shipped game.

The game started life as a university project and was quickly taken over by PlayWest to bring to release.

After the game's release, I worked on tidying and upgrading the backend tools and systems. Part of this process involved porting the project to WebGL to serve as a basis for PlayWest's next title, Infiltrators.

The game can be downloaded from the link below, along with a repo hosting the source code for our internal tools and the game's level system - all of which I developed, and have permission to share!

Tools Source Download Game

Polygon Fitness was a game I rapidly developed over a couple of weeks alongside a 3D artist at PlayWest. The game connects to two rowing machines using an old API which I wrote a wrapper for to work in Unity. The project was commissioned by UWE Bristol for the national Row Britannia event, to encourage students to take part. As you row through the game you are taken past several landmarks from Bristol. Stats are tracked and logged to a server, which displays infographics on a public website.

When the game was finished, UWE placed it in their lobby for students to use, and I provided live service updates to fix issues remotely. The game attracted attention from press and the organisers of the Row Britannia event, with a very positive reception.

Unfortunately the event was called off early due to the Coronavirus outbreak in March 2020.

No public build is available due to the requirement of the rowing machines to use the game, however a video will be recorded when I'm allowed back on site after lockdown!

Personal Projects

University Projects

Created in a team of six over a few days, this game places you in the role of a knight who has travelled into the future to steal artefacts from a museum.

The aim of the game is to collect as many artefacts as possible and escape back through the portal before you're caught by the guards.

This project was developed in just over a week as a game jam in a team of 6.

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Created in a team of six over a few days, this game is a "demake" of Superhot, styled for the Atari 2600. We attempted to recreate the feel of an old console by utilising the correct resolution, colour scheme, sounds, and art.

Our aim with the game was not only to produce it quickly through fast iteration, but to have something that was fun to play and easy to pick up.

The game was intended to use some USB NES controllers we had, however all inputs remap to keyboard - with spacebar and W/A/S/D.

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The Founders is a game designed for touchscreen, with local multiplayer in mind. Each player takes a role aboard a ship floating through space, with abilities ranging from movement to firing.

The aim of the game is to fly through space and collect contracts, after "consulting" with them to make them small enough to collect. The game is supposed to be a metaphor for a small organisation taking on projects and managing workloads.

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Video Projects