The "Homebase POS Generator" was a site I made while working at Homebase to overcome the internal process of creating signage for product displays in-store. The process required us to download template signage from the company intranet, adjust the price, title and description manually through PowerPoint (which was not installed on all computers) and then print. As you can imagine, doing this for many items in a day took up a considerable amount of time - so I saw an opportunity for a solution!

In my free time I created a site that required only three to four inputs - item code, item name, item description and a previous item price if it was reduced. Sample titles and descriptions were provided to the user through existing data from the internal SAP database and company website, and price was pulled from the SAP database so couldn't be incorrect at the time of printing.

With a friendly UI and a fluid UX this site quickly became adoped throughout my store and saved countless hours during the working day. An added unseen bonus was that it unified all signs throughout the store, whereas previously a lot of signs had varying pricing placements due to the less restrictive nature of the PowerPoint templates. This made it easier for shoppers to identify item prices and gave a tidier appearance throughout.

As this project uses a private company API, unfortunately I can't provide a link to the site, however a library of screenshots can be seen at the link below to give you an idea of the user interface and output it produced.